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VIZERRA introduces Revizto Version 1.1

SAN FRANCISCO — According to interactive 3D platform developer VIZERRA, its next generation of Revizto cloud-based collaboration software makes it easier for architects, engineers and contractors (AEC) to communicate their design intent with project owners in a 3D environment. The new version allows users to view Revizto interactive 3D designs via iPad and Android tablets to easily communicate in the field.

Revizto — Latin for “visual check” — helps AEC professionals avoid project complications by working in real time through 3D technology, without having to learn a new software program. An Autodesk Revit or Trimble SketchUp project can be turned into an interactive, data-rich 3D environment in minutes. The result is a Visual Information Model (VIM) that can easily be shared with the entire team via the Revizto Viewer in a cloud environment, including the associated video notes, markers and screenshots.

“Our latest version of Revizto is an even smarter way for a team to collaborate and avoid project complications as they arise,” said Arman Gukasyan, chief executive officer at VIZERRA. “There is even more to love now, especially if you’re the project’s owner who may not be as design-savvy as the rest of the team.”

The Revizto Viewer is free and may be downloaded by anyone on the team through the AppStore or Google Play. In addition to being able to access the Revizto Viewer on an iPad or Android tablets, the new version allows users to:
• Explore the 3-D environment;
• Click on objects to see associated information;
• Create markers, walk-through tours and screenshots; and
• Collaborate in real-time.

Other new features of Revizto 1.1 include:
• Smoother control and navigation;
• The ability to create markers that automatically synchronize with the Cloud; and
• “Layer Visibility” for turning the visibility of certain object categories on or off.

A free 14-day free trial of Revizto 1.1 is available for both Revit and SketchUp platforms, including 2Gb of free space on Revizto Workspace — even for those who have had a free trial of the previous version. For more information or to purchase Revizto, visit

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