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November 22, 2011

» National BIM Standard committee approves 18 submissions for new version   National BIM Standard-US

The National Building Information Modeling Standard-United States (NBIMS-US) Project Committee has approved 18 submissions to be included in version two of the standard. The approved documents fall into three main categories, reference standards, information exchange standards (which are built upon the reference standards) and best practice guidelines that support users in their implementation of open building information modeling (BIM) standards-based deliverables.

» IMAGINiT Technologies updates classrooms, mobile labs with HP workstations   IMAGINiT

Rand Worldwide, a global  provider of technology solutions to organizations with engineering design and information technology requirements, recently announced its IMAGINiT Technologies division is deploying HP Workstations and Mobile Workstations certified and optimized for Autodesk products. From coast to coast, IMAGINiT’s North American classrooms, mobile labs, as well as service and sales teams, will be outfitted with HP Workstations specifically engineered to maximize the performance of Autodesk software.

November 21, 2011

» 31 new AIA contract documents available via the web   AIA

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) recently announced that it has added 31 documents to  its web-based AIA Documents-on-Demand service, bringing the total number of documents available through this service to 79. This is the largest addition to Documents-on-Demand and includes most of the G Series forms for contract administration and project management, which are widely-used among contractors.

» LotInfo releases new version of LotInfo Pro for the New York market   LotInfo

LotInfo, a provider of location intelligence that assembles property, owner, building and location data for planning, site selection, geo marketing and asset management, announced recently that Version 9 of LotInfo Pro for NYC is now available with updated property, sales and building permit information for the 5 Boroughs of New York City, new links to web-based property data and imagery, and enhanced ability to upload, map and edit in-house data.

November 18, 2011

» 34 Receive first-ever AGC BIM certification   AGC of America

Thirty-four construction professionals received a first-ever new national accreditation in the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM), a process that relies on computer-generated models to better manage construction projects. The professional accreditation, which is being offered by the Associated General Contractors of America, is the first assessment-based credential to recognize construction professionals on their ability to use the process.

November 17, 2011

» MWH uses Autodesk BIM tools to expand Panama Canal   Autodesk

MWH Global, an engineering firm that specializes in wet infrastructure projects and programs, including water, hydropower and civil infrastructure, has been selected to receive an Autodesk BIM Experience Award. The firm is being honored for using a Building Information Modeling (BIM) process, together with Autodesk BIM software, to help design the "Third Set of Locks" project for the Panama Canal, intended to double the canal’s shipping traffic capacity.

» Textura acquires Submittal Exchange   Textura

Textura, a Deerfield, Ill. manufacturer of construction collaboration software tools, has acquired Submittal Exchange, a provider of Integrated Project Collaboration (IPC) Software for exchanging, reviewing and archiving construction submittals, RFIs and other construction communications. Submittal Exchange's online system and advanced communication tools will extend Textura's existing product suite further upstream, offering new capabilities to a broader range of construction project owners, architects and designers, as well as new services to general contractors and subcontractors.  

» Cincinnati joins FlowWorks   FlowWorks

The City of Cincinnati has joined Seattle-based  FlowWorks and is moving its environmental monitoring data onto the FlowWorks web platform where it will be securely stored, edited, analyzed and turned into actionable information.

» BuildingIQ launches ManagerIQ   BuildingIQ

BuildingIQ, an energy management software company, recently announced the availability of ManagerIQ, the latest addition to its growing suite of SaaS Predictive Energy Optimization applications. ManagerIQ enables the remote configuration, monitoring, and management of the BuildingIQ suite of energy applications for facilities, campus, and real estate portfolio owners, as well as BuildingIQ’s partners who implement and service the BuildingIQ product suite for multiple customers and multiple sites.

November 14, 2011

» Bentley acquires Pointools, Formsys, announces partnerships at Be Inspired   Jeff Yoders

EC Software manufacturer Bentley Systems announced last week that it has completed its acquisitions of Pointools, Ltd., a Greater London-based manufacturer of point cloud technology, and FormSys, a Perth, Australia-based developer of 3D structural, offshore and maritime engineering software. Both announcements were made at Bentley’s Be Inspired Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Bentley also made several partnership announcements with collaboration and PDF software manufacturers Adobe Systems and Bluebeam Software and a cloud partnership with Microsoft.

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Learn how you can use compelling simulations and animated 3D visualizations to better communicate project alternatives and community impact in a format that is more interactive and easily understood by agencies and non-technical audiences alike.

The Autodesk BIM Specialist Certification for Roads and Highways: A Quick Spin
Thursday, October 24th, 2013


Learn more about the Autodesk BIM Specialist Certification for Roads and Highways using the Autodesk® Infrastructure Design Suite 2014. We’ll give you information about:

• The authorized training guide

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Using the training guide, you will learn how to employ a BIM process using the tools in the Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite in order to more fully realize the benefits of this intelligent, model-based approach: better understanding of the project, improved accuracy and efficiency, and more agility to respond quickly to changes at anytime, anywhere.

Practical Workflows for the Civil Engineer
Thursday, December 12th, 2013


You are already creating rich 3D models, but how can you more fully leverage this model to enhance every phase of infrastructure project workflow?

This webcast will show you how to use your rich, 3D models to gain greater visibility into projects, develop deeper insights into constructability, and identify and resolve issues virtually before breaking ground.